Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We provide customized outsourcing solutions beyond time and geographies to manage the human resource operations of our clients. In this service bracket our in-bound team takes responsibilities of entire HR operations of our client such as resume management, screening candidates, interview scheduling, on-boarding facilities etc. Teams are deployed both on-site and off-site to manage the client hiring needs as per their culture and structure. Being industry insiders we understand our client world and culture; giving us a leverage to support in recruiting and assessing the right kinds of candidatures. Our commitment towards building sustainable manpower structure has made us build long term relations with our clients.

Sourcing Consultancy Services

Find the candidates our clients are missing. The sourcers work during the US nightshift (Indian dayshift). Our clients send job orders and before their recruiters come in the next morning, we submits resumes of candidates who are precise fits along with Candidate Submittal Reports that summarize each candidate’s qualifications.

Candidates are identified from a wide variety of sources. We can find candidates from:

  • Search engines such as Google and Bing
  • Email blasts
  • Discussion groups and chat rooms
  • Websites for professional and local organizations
  • All major US paid and free job boards

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