GPS InfoSolution provides comprehensive monitoring of IT infrastructure components like networks, servers, switches and desktops as well as applications still is one of the core competences of any monitoring solution. We also provides comprehensive remote monitoring for each critical element of a site's infrastructure. In addition to monitoring IT elements such as servers, networks, application programs and software services, also monitor technical elements, such as cooling plants, power sources, production systems, tanks, transformers, security and engineering systems. It can also, of course, monitor environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind velocity, etc. Through the use of our can also monitor VMware servers.

We provide Monitoring of Local and global IT Infrastuctures under one Umbrella.

GPS InfoSolution Established in the year 2013, we have specialised team of Consultants catering across industry functions. Our team is better equipped to meet the needs of our clients and are trained to assess the candidates. They enjoy complete encouragement and guidance from highly seasoned seniors, who have experience in all areas of recruitment. Head Hunting Is Our Forte.

GPS InfoSolution work with companies across America in IT, telecom, engineeering, healthcare, finance and accounting, and sales. Our sourcers and recruiters are trained to “think like a hiring manager” because our goal is to get placements and not simply submit candidates whose resumes match the keywords in the job order. We have sourcing and recruiting services tailored for high volume entry level positions, hard-to-fill senior positions, as well as fast-moving VMS (Vendor Management Systems) and working with MSPs (Managed Service Providers). We know how to use all the major ATS (Applicant Tracking System) platforms.

GPS is a company with great potential if Management was able to properly train and develop their sales organization. Senior management from Director up are scrambling to hit impossible goals and they in turn put impossible pressure on their employees.

Your achievements are infrequently recognized with cheap gimmicks and you are constantly pressured no matter how well you are doing.

GPS provides affordable Help Desk Ticketing and Asset Management Software.